I AM Vibrant- Organic Toner, Cleanser and Makeup Remover

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Rejuvenate your skin by freeing it of environmental toxins and dirt blocking your pores. I AM Vibratnt rids your skin of impurities, naturally removes makeup, neutralizes chlorine and dramatically improves the performance of moisturizers. A chemical-free deep pore cleanser and detoxifier, I AM Vibrant's amazing pH boosting action heightens your skin's optimum nutrient absorption level to ignite full cell metabolism, which promotes vital skin health and beauty.

Guidelines for Use:

Morning and Evening, after washing your face and neck, saturate a cotton pad with I AM Vibrant and apply (or use your clean fingers to pat in)

For eye-make-up removal, hold the saturated pad to your eyelid and gently rotate to dissolve make-up.

For problematic or excessively oily skin, use mid-day as well.

For Maximum Results, Consider Using With:

I AM Luminous (before)

I AM Nourished (after)

I AM Magic (after)

As always, our active biodegradable ingredients are pro-ecology, food grade, and never tested on animals.

Contains: De-ionized water, COPS, organic raw apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, pure lemon extract, mint extract, chamomile, rose, horsetail, rosemary, gum weed, wormwood, plantain.